Goodnight travel well

Participation à un projet collectif, mai 2012

J’ai participé à un projet lancé par un artiste allemand Thomas Schostok aka {ths}:
GOODNIGHT TRAVEL WELL: the show itself is the artwork
{ths} asked peo­ple in dif­fer­ent coun­tries to be part of the project. As part of the art itself, those who accepted where “elected” to be cura­tors. Nice peo­ple I never met in per­son. Every cura­tor got an art­work from {ths}, send by mail (real mail, remem­ber?). Some where lost, some hit the ground.
Typ­i­cally art is dis­played inside gal­leries or in the streets (this is called “street art”). As much as I like the white walls of a gallery, I don’t like the lim­ited space, the com­mer­cial feel­ing inside those cold rooms. My idea of hav­ing a show in – for exam­ple– Tokyo is to have a show some­where inside Tokyo, not in a gallery, not in a pre­de­fined space that was made for show­ing art.
As part of the project the cura­tors had to pick a loca­tion in their county, plac­ing the art­work and take a photo of it. They could leave the art­work at place for other peo­ple to watch or just sell it, burn it, take it, whatever.
J’étais le curateur pour Paris, et j’ai choisi l’esplanade du Centre Pompidou.